Important Notices:


Working Bee 6 October – Practice TBC

Opening Meeting 3 November – Triple Points


29 September -Green sheeting/working Bee

6 October – Practice/green sheeting/working Bee

19 October – Practice/green sheeting/working Bee

3 November – Opening Meeting (TRIPLE POINTS)

10 October – Rain out (opening)

24 November – Race Day

8 December – Race Day/B Ministock club champs

15 December – Race Day/A Ministock club champs

29 December – Race Day/ CTRA NI Streetstocks

11 January – 2 Day Meeting/CTRA NI youth Ministocks/ Les Beere Memorial ¼ Midgets

12 January – 2 Day Meeting/CTRA NI adult Ministocks/ Les Beere Memorial ¼ Midgets

19 January – Race Day/Club Champs – Super saloons/Saloons/Production saloons/Adult Ministock/6 Shooters (must have 5 members to be run)

16 February – Race Day/GIRLS Ministock challenge-LADIES Stockcars

23 February – Race Day/B Ministock Shootout

8 March – Race Day/A Ministock Shootout

22 March – Race Day/Stockcar club Champs/NZ ¼ Midgets

5 April – Race Day/Street stock club Champs

19 April – Race Day/CTRA NZ Adult Ministocks

26 April- Race Day (Anzac meeting) Closing Meeting

This is a Draft and subject to change by committee.

About Us

Welcome to Waharoa Speedways Official webpage. Waharoa Speedway first originated back in 1989 over 25 years ago to this day. We are now a well known Speedway in the Waikato of New Zealand which encourage all cars and classes to come out to race at our very own Speedway. Waharoa Speedway is a family orientated track, solemnly based around having fun and enjoying yourself. We take pride in our hard work towards the track and the racers that race on it. We encourage family and friends, new members or old, and anyone in between to come and have a great day out at Waharoa Speedway on a Sunday afternoon. We have VERY well looked after facilities especially after undergoing our recent track extensions and many working bees for our members and a canteen to keep our members fed and watered to keep them going for the day. We have a vast variety of food up at the canteen which you can find in the cost page, from burgers to ice cold drinks.
We currently run any class that is willing to show up to our track. Due to our recent track extensions our class variety has grown with more stockcars, Saloons, and other larger cars turning up to our track. We have also had larger ministock groups as our track now has the room for these bigger sized classes and race cars. main classes at Waharoa Speedway.
Safety is a huge part of our track. We have full fire crew on the track at all times for the safety of the drivers with full fireproof overalls and fire extinguishers on each end of the track and center encase of an emergency. We have our own ambulance officer with our very own emergency hut for the safety of our drivers incase of a serious emergency. We have our very own safety vehicle and water truck which was sponsored by Kaiser Ag Ltd. These are used to prepare the track during the meeting to keep the track always raceable.
We encourage everyone to come and watch or race at Waharoa Speedway for a great family orientated day which is fun for everyone, young or old.

Club Rules:

1. The driving of a race vehicle on public roads is prohibited except where permission has been granted for public parades or market day. Minimum of 12 months stand-down.
2. Children who do not hold a CTRA license or are not official pit crew for a race vehicle are not allowed in the pit area while a race meeting is in progress.
3. Consumption of alcohol or drugs within the pit area during a race meeting is prohibited.
4. Protective footwear, overalls, or team uniform to be worn in the pits at all times. NO jandals, sandals, or open footwear permitted in pit area during the meeting.
5. Scrutineering to be over at least one hour before racing commences unless your drivers rep has been contacted with a valid reason for your lateness.
6. Any protest must go through your driver’s rep – NOT the referee.
7. DO NOT get out of your race car when parked on the infield except in the case of emergency e.g. fire or injury.
8. DO NOT remove your helmet, gloves, neck brace; undo safety net or seat belts before leaving the confines of the track after a race.
9. NO dangerous driving in or through the pits. Keep your speed down and your temper under control. Stay alert for pedestrians in the pit area.
10. Pick up your rubbish in the pits or on the embankment after the race meeting.
11. 5 cars minimum make up a class to run for season points.
12. NO dogs allowed.
13. Any medical condition can you please notified the first aid.
14. Anyone considered by the Executive committee to be of undesirable character will not gain membership.
15. The Executive Committee of the club reserves the right to refuse any person entry
to any club function.
16. Any member abusing club privileges shall be brought up in front of the committee for censure.
17. Any club member with complaints shall file them with the committee in writing.
18. The committee may suspend or expel from membership any member wilfully or negligently disobeying any of the rules or by-laws of the club, being guilty of any conduct rendering him or her in their opinion unfit or unsuitable to be a member of the club.
19. Any club member attending committee meetings must regard all business as confidential.
20. The conduct of any member at any place whatsoever that would prejudice wither racing or the club in any way is liable to be expelled, fined or suspended.
21. The enforcement of the above rules will be taken by a majority vote of the committee.

Amazing Hospitality

We have amazing Hospitality at our track with a canteen that has 3 full time staff members keeping our track crew, spectators and racers fed and watered every race meeting

Open to Any Class

With our track extensions complete we now open up to any class that wishes to race, along side that we can now race with larger numbers in each race

Family Orientated

We are all about Family, our track supports all ages to not only watch at Waharoa Speedway but also encourage children as young as 10 to start racing


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