CTRA Require all license members to register their license online. This must be done preferably before you come to the track. You can sign up for a membership below on our site. We recommend filling in your registration online via a tablet or computer.

Youth licence: $100
Adult licence: $155

You can also purchase one day licenses on your account. All accounts must have an image of yourself uploaded.

If you are under the age of 18 please follow these steps:

1. Your parent or guardian must first register to obtain a Ctra I.D number ( this is free ) these must be your parents details not yours.

2. All youth must use a different email address from your parents.

3. Fill in the form completely ( including correct birth date) you will be asked to include your parents Ctra I.D number, so there’s must be done first.

4. Youth licences cost is $100.00 and can be paid online.


(Depending on your internet speed please wait for the web script to load in your browser below, we do not recommend using chrome on desktop. If you have any issues please click here for direct link.)