This season we are taking on the New Zealand Vs Australia Ministock challenge Hosted By Waharoa Speedway.

New Zealand and Australian Junior Speedway teams have been racing against each other in a Trans-Tasman Youth Speedway Challenge for over 13 years, alternating between racing in Perth and New Zealand. Each team consists of six drivers with race cars being supplied by the host country for the visiting drivers. The cars that they race in Australia are quite different to what we race here and are more similar to what we call Production Saloons and are mixed front and rear wheel drive.

Registration is open to both male and female competitors in Australia and New Zealand Starting at the age of 12 years old.

Past Team NZ members include, Mark Costello, Christian Hermansen, Jamie Larson, Kristin Vermeulen, Matt Eckersley, Luke Brown, Sam Waddell, Cole Morrison & Cameron Swift, Sarah Harris, all who are now competing very well in other SNZ classes.

It is a great experience for the team members to not only race in another country but an opportunity to make lifelong international friendships while focusing on somthing they are passionate about.

Some History – In 2013 the challenge was held in Auckland and Whangarei, New Zealand won that challenge. In 2014 the NZ team travelled to Perth, the racing was held at a track 2hrs North of Perth called Moora Speedway, Australia won that Challenge. 2015 was NZ’s turn to host the challenge this time at Waikaraka, Waharoa and Gisborne, the NZ team edged out the fast improving Aussies to regain the Trans-Tasman Trophy. 2016 saw Australia hosting the Kiwis at Ellenbrook and Kalgoorlie Speedways, Australia came out on top. 2017 is NZ’s turn to host again, the teams raced in Wellington on the 25th Feb, then head to Baypark on the 4th March where we are hosting a Australasian Ministock Championship & then off to Waharoa on Sun the 5th March for the NZ vs Australia Trans-Tasman Challenge.


Team Australia – 81Aus Jacob Potts, 23Aus Jayke Malcolm, 5Aus Bronty Fraser, 26Aus Jasmine Arnold, 2Aus Tyler Fraser & 27Aus Jackson Derrick


Team NZ – 88m Todd Hemingway, 16G Hamish Moore, 46W Ethan Levien, 92M Chris Kernohan, 91R Jayden Fraser & 35S Alana Buckthought


Tewam New Zealand would like to thank a few of their sponsors that have helped make this event happen this year, the following are Wellington Top 10 Holiday Park, King Signs, Barclay Engravers, MTF Rotorua & JG Designs.

Ref: Mark Hemingway

Below Are Some Photos of the Australian Cars Raced by our Australian Competitors.

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