Track Extensions


The Waharoa Speedway Track Extensions are well underway, and do we have some awesome photos to show you!! Below are some photos and short write ups of what we have accomplished so far while getting under way of the extensions. Everyone is welcome to the working bees and dates will be presented on the side of the website.

15th May Working Bee 2016:

On the fifteenth may, we had around about 30 members from our club out at the track. Great bunch of people gave us a hand all day to take down the safety fences, pull out the safety fence posts, dig most of the tyres out around the main straight and pit entry area, take the pit gate out, and quite a few more jobs here and there. Today was a huge success and we got alot of work done. We had one digger out today driven by Mel, who had beside him Matt on his tractor and large trailer to shift the tyres he was digging out. We also had two extra tractors which helped to remove the tyre barriers also around the outside of the track. Overall Today was a HUGE success with what got accomplished but theres still LOTS of work yet to do!! We have another working bee on the 22nd May, EVERYONE is welcome to come along and give us a helping hand. Many hands make light work and if your willing to bring out any machinery to help with any of the work please feel free to get a hold of Gary to organise it.

Below are a few photos from today’s hard work.

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22nd May Working Bee 2016:



Today we completed alot more work to our Speedways trak extensions. We all finished digging out the tyres from the walls with two Diggers that arrived today, BIG Thankyou to those two members Mel and Todd for bringing them along. Along side digging the tyres out we also flattened the furthermost away barrier which is on the opposing side of the track to our (once was ) pit gate. Todd with his digger flattened all that out whilst Mel finished off the tyres and dug out a piece of our barrier wall along the straight. We also had a few members do some work on our tracks machinery like the water truck and also removed all the unwanted posts, poles and pieces of wood/metal from the ground. Soon to come are bulldozers to flatten the rest of the walls out and then bring in the clay, the fill and then build the walls up. Again thanks to all the members that came out and helped.

Below Are some Photos from Today.

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