This upcoming season with our latest track extensions we now need more volunteers to help out with the track maintenance and safety crew to help make our meetings run smoothly. With the track now a lot bigger we need a lot more of our members to step up and give us a hand. We have the following positions available below.

Positions Available:
– Flag Marshall’s
– Fire Marshall’s
– Lap Scorers
– Gate Marshall’s
– Head Referee
– Tractor Drivers
– General Volunteers To run the day
– Anyone with first aid experience
If you wish to take part in any of these positions for this upcoming season at Waharoa Speedway, we would be grateful for you to get in contact with us now to discuss how you can help us out this season at the Speedway. We need as many volunteers as possible to make our day run easier and benefit your racing to get you out on the track and enjoy the season.
If you are available to help with any of these positions or able to help the track out in anyway, please fill out the contact form below with your name, number, email, and a description of what position you think you would like to help with, or how you could help the track out this season in any other way.