We would just like to take a minute to inform all you drivers and Speedway fans that over the next 72 hours Waharoa Speedway will be undergoing heavy maintenance. We are currently upgrading our systems so that our site will be more reliable and much faster connecting to our hosted servers. This upgrade may mean that for a period of time our site will be offline and unavailable to use in that current time frame but once it is complete it will mean many benefits for our drivers and supporters.

What this will mean for you: 

  • We will have more storage for photos and updates on each meeting throughout this season
  • Our servers will be alot faster so browsing the website will be alot quicker for our users
  • Our site will be more reliable while using it
  • Online stored data will be more secure since our data will be fully encrypted
  • Lots of new content to come for this upcoming season that will blow our fans away!!

Thankyou for your patients, and in the mean time we will keep you updated on our facebook page with the latest updates on where we are upto.

Waharoa Speedway