The grader has finally come in and completed his job with the track and finished his work, which due to some unexpected weather was unable to complete it earlier on this month. Now that the track is graded we can get to work on the fences for our track this season!! This is going to be alot of work which means we need as many people as we can get to give us a helping hand to get the job done alot quicker. The tyres need to be shifted back into place which will be done with diggers and tractors placing them and then filling them. We will then need to put the fencing up around the track.

That means all you hard working dirt fans need to bring these items to the racetrack:

  •  Gumboots/Boots, general footwear that can get dirty
  • Shovels
  • spades
  • hammers
  • side cutters and pliers
  • buckets
  • screwdrivers

Most importantly bring your mates!!

We will see you all there!

Keep updated with our track extensions on our Track Extensions Page and have a look at the current photos of our track.